The North Star School Arkitema Architects

"North Star School is a municipal primary school with approximately 1,200 students spread across four lanes and a large special class section. The school is in its star form an expression of its own structure. Each thanks to the star is a division of two vintages with its own identity, decorated in its own way, targeting exactly the age group that will be staying there. 

The star is centered on a common square, heart space, where all school zones meet - a learning center, which is emphasized by a large red and sculptural library staircase. This is the school’s dynamo, where both professionalism and opportunity for social interaction are woven together in an inspiring environment.”


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Illustrator Creates Static Animations For Exclusive Cocktail Recipes Launch

For its line of exclusive cocktail recipes, men’s luxury lifestyle blog Oliver Grand has teamed up with Manly Beach, Sydney bar Papi Chulo, and illustrator and designer Andrew Fairclough. 

Australia-based Fairclough has come up with a set of charming static animations to accompany the set of four ‘Papi Chulo x Oliver Grand’ cocktail recipes. 

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Cut outs, Pejac

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Sunsets and sunrises seen from the International Space Station.

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