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These Rooftop Solar Panels Double As Extra Housing For Crowded Cities

In Frankfurt, Germany, a team of students has found a new way to make buildings “climate neutral” without raising rents: Build a new rooftop apartment with each installation.

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This concert venue and music school in the Danish city of Aalborg accommodates both a 1300-seat performance venue and a music college »
Morris Adjmi adds a twisting topper to a meat packing landmark


Funen, Amsterdam, is located west of Amsterdam’s city centre. Comprised of sixteen newly built apartment blocks and one, continuous courtyard, LANDLAB (landscape architects) and van Dongen-Koschuch (urban design) created a design contrasting the traditional street layout of many Dutch residential neighbourhoods. What do you think of the landscaping? Looks like there is a lot of open space, especially in comparison to the surrounding neighbourhoods.

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IN-DEPENDENCIAS Miguel Ángel García

Miguel Angel García defined his series IN-DEPENDENCIAS (2008-2012) as an analysis of the desired feeling of independence, privacy and personal identity by the citizens of the European Union.  Comparing the outer shell of the residences to the skin in our bodies, and in that outer shell highlighting where the dependencies of its inhabitants are evident: water, light, heat, power, communications, etc.